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Services > Merchant Accounts & Gateways

CLICK2PAY offers you a solution for all your online payment needs. It incorporates payment guarantees as well as transparency and advanced fraud protection. It will help you save money and time in managing your online transactions.

Merchant Accounts & Gateways

We have created a variety of tools that give you control and security:

  • Several account types for your customers with individual spending limits and cost-effective credit checks.
  • Upfront consumer validation, transaction fraud protection and comprehensive payout management.

CLICK2PAY employs multilevel security for maximum protection. All data exchanges are protected by the latest encryption technology to guard against manipulation and interception. All servers and databases connected to CLICK2PAY are protected and insured against viruses, physical intervention, fire, water damage and other risks. Parallel operation on several servers ensures uninterrupted system availability.

In addition, the security concept of CLICK2PAY minimizes your payment failure risk by implementing extensive risk management tools. We employ the latest fraud protection technology to preemptively identify fraud and possible disturbances of your business.

CLICK2PAY is user-friendly and simple to integrate into your website, no matter what infrastucture you use. It adjusts to your setup both technically and visually. Your customers will experience each payment as a single transaction - as though it was processed directly on your website. We also provide interfaces for all popular CRM, ERP and finance reporting systems. Our support team will help you integrate CLICK2PAY on your website. Contact us now!

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