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Want your site on the first page of a search on the major search engines? Your competitors are there right now taking your customers!

                    Affordable Merchant Accounts and Gateways    No Gimmicks, Tricks, or Temporary Placements

                    Affordable Merchant Accounts and Gateways    No Paid Searches or "Pay Per Clicks"

                    Affordable Merchant Accounts and Gateways    ONLY NATURAL SEARCH ENGINE PLACEMENT!

Search Engine Optimization

We have mastered the search engine optimization process and are here to apply our skills to your website!

Every site is different based on the keywords and placement desired. Send us an email with a link to your site, the keywords for which you would like to optimize your site, and your desired position. We will do a free quick research estimate and tell you the amount of time needed and price quote for your site.

If you already know your budget and would like to get started immediately, just purchase a plan online! We offer plans at US$300, US$1500, and US$3000. Pick your plan and we'll do the research! We'll find the keyword that gets you the most traffic for your budget.

We can put any website at any desired position for any keyword or your money back!

Please note that with natural search engine placement, it may be necessary to keep a placement maintenance plan in order to keep your site at your desired position. Sometimes this may require only an hour or two a month...other times this can mean 10 or more hours a month.

We will always be honest, upfront, and realisitic with you and will give our advice on your best plan of action. We can tell you which keywords would most likely produce the most return for the budget you are looking to stay within.

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