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The Matrixmedia® Methodology

At Matrixmedia, we have a very organized approach for all the projects we handle. When developing your website and systems, we always maintain our focus on your goals. We strive for a customer-centric design while providing professional deployment. In order to accomplish this, we need to understand your objectives and communicate thoroughly thru the course of your website development process. This maximizes efficiency which reduces costs and minimizes problems which enhances quality. Website development process depends on the complexity of the site but the essential stages in developing your website consists of four phases namely defining phase, designing phase, development phase and deployment phase.

Defining Phase

In this phase, we follow these steps together with the client:

  • Determine goals and objectives
  • Look at brand identity and target audience
  • Address technical concerns regarding the chosen server side technologies and development tools
  • Obtain functional and production concerns such as company logo, images and other vital information the company is likely to show in their website
  • Review existing marketing strategies and materials
  • Conduct research on industry and competition
  • Decide on the target timeframe of the project
  • Promote other Matrixmedia services such as web domain registration, Search Engine Optimization (Internet Marketing), web hosting and site maintenance which will definitely be needed by the client
  • Present pricing and contract for client approval
Designing Phase

In this phase, we follow these steps:

  • Examine content structure
  • Define placement of key content elements in paper diagrams including sections, structure and navigation
  • Design company logo (if needed), navigation, buttons and other images required by the client
  • Status check of designing phase through internal meeting
  • Revise some design elements, if needed
  • Uploading the whole website design on our server (known as pre-live test) for graphic design goal fulfillment and audience reaction of the client (Note that in this point, there's no functionality involved, rather aesthetic sense is being assessed)
  • Obtain client approval
Development Phase

In this phase, we follow these steps:

  • Incorporate client supplied copy into website pages
  • Define data structure and metafiles with database normalization for dynamic sites
  • Formulate the program logic and carry out actual programming
  • Usability testing (Alpha test) and debugging
  • Status check of development phase through internal meeting
  • Constant customer updates through the pre-live site but this time functionality is being assessed by the client
  • Complete Quality Assurance Checklist
  • Perform revisions/changes from client feedback (Beta test)
  • Obtain client approval
Deployment Phase

In this final phase, we follow these steps:

  • Finalize the concepts and implementation for usability and platforms (Final test)
  • Address all formatting, design or technology issues for final deployment
  • Deliver and present the whole site to the client
  • Integrate the whole site to client's business processes
  • Teach the client's staff of the finished system, if needed
  • Perform contracted marketing and promotional services (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Launch website on client-requested date
  • Issuance of Service Acceptance & Completion Receipt (SACR) to client as a proof of completed project
  • Continuous hosting, site maintenance, Internet Marketing and client support to achieve after-sales TLC from Matrixmedia

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