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Our Services

Matrixmedia® is a one-stop site for your cyber needs. We produce outstanding web-enabled IT solutions using our world-class, high-end technology infrastructure. Matrixmedia® brings the best quality you expect in design, technology and timeframes at very affordable price! Our services are tailored-fit to your needs which include:

Website Design and Development
Affordable Website Design and Development

It’s our pleasure to design and develop your personal or corporate website that primarily focuses on sharing your personal or organization’s information with a targeted audience. We are team of experts who’ll create the look and feel of your site for its eye-catching elements with focused in the development of mission-critical site for your organization.
Affordable Website Design and Development Click here for affordable website starting at US$10.

Flash Design Solutions
Affordable Flash Designs

If you're looking for something more visually dynamic and something that appeals to the artistically-minded individuals, then Flash will be the perfect building block to encompass. Fluid motions, audio loops, animated headers, site navigation, scroll bars and other interactive features are just a few of the thousand capabilities that a Flash-enabled sites offer.
Affordable Flash Designs Click here for affordable Flash designs starting at US$95.

E-Commerce Solutions
Affordable E-Commerce Solutions

Matrixmedia e-commerce solutions are developed using a shopping basket system written and hosted in an open-source PHP programming language, very fast MySQL database and the award-winning Apache web server which enabled us to create e-commerce solutions at a very low price.
Affordable E-Commerce Solutions Click here for affordable E-commerce solutions at US$1,800.

Merchant Accounts and Gateways
Affordable Merchant Accounts and Gateways

What is it and why do you need it? A Merchant Account allows you to accept credit cards and have that money deposited to your account. A Gateway is the actual component that plugs into your electronic-commerce (e-commerce) site into a customer’s credit card, takes the appropriate funds and automatically dumps it into your account.
Affordable Merchant Accounts and Gateways Click here for affordable Merchant Accounts and Gateways at US$100.

Search Engine Optimization
Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key for your site to be placed at top pages of search engines and web directories. Indeed, SEO is the most significant marketing innovation brought about by the Internet technology. Do you want your site be placed on the first page of major search engines like Yahoo and Google? Let us do it for you!
Affordable Search Engine Optimization Click here for affordable Search Engine Optimization at US$1,000.

Hosting & Maintenance Services
Affordable Hosting & Maintenance Services

Web hosting & maintenance services with Matrixmedia are affordable and reliable. Our web hosting plans offer multi-domains, POP3 emails, AntiVirus, AntiSpam, subdomains, and much more. Every single account comes with a user friendly control panel which you may use to manage every aspect of your account from email to MySQL databases.
Affordable Hosting & Maintenance Services Click here for affordable Hosting & Maintenance Services starting at US$30.

Our Services

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